How To Have Curls Without Hair Mistreatment

Curls Without Hair Mistreatment

Most people are not satisfied with what they have, it is well known that straight hair wants curly hair and vice versa, but it is very difficult to achieve this without damaging the hair, however, there are many ways to achieve it, especially if you are looking for curly hair.

It is very simple to achieve a curly hair without mistreating it, but for this it is necessary to have wet hair, one of the simplest ways is to make braids, the size or thickness that you want because this way you can vary the size of the curls, the bad thing is that this technique, despite being easy, is something slow.

First you must dry your hair a little bit, that is to say stop draining, but keep it wet, make the braids and leave them for an hour or if you are in a hurry, use the dryer, with warm air, quickly and put a little spray, when loosening the braids you will have curly hair natural.

Another very common way to have curly hair without mistreating it is to use curling irons, these are sold in any beauty shop and even in some supermarkets. Curling irons are also used with wet hair and with the help of the blow dryer, don’t forget to use warm, never hot air because although it doesn’t mistreat as much as the tongs, it’s still harmful to your hair.

There are also curlers that are very long and flexible, these are to achieve Chinese much more closed and natural, you can sleep with them because they are very soft and so the next morning you will wake up with incredible curls.

Remember that there are also hair treatments such as Sleep Styler, which allow you to have curly hair for a long time without having to expose your hair to high temperatures.

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