Very interesting intelligence tablets and their results

The brains of the rats are not too different from the human brains in the structure. That is why studies were done where a large number of intelligent, healthy rats were placed on a diet that provided all the known nutritional essentials. Half of the group, however, received very interesting intelligence tablets. To test the intelligence of a rat, the rat is placed at one end of a maze of dead ends to see how long it takes to get to the food at the other end. The number of errors and the time required to eliminate the false returns show the rat’s ability to learn. Rats who took intelligence tablets took their palms in the tests against their otherwise existing counterparts on the same diet. They were certainly smarter.

Benefits of very interesting intelligence tablets

These experiments clearly suggest that the intelligence tablets have a specific ability to improve brain function. The rats from the experiment were bright enough, as the rats go, which is quite bright. But with the pills for intelligence they became super-intelligent.intelligence tablets

How do the pills to speed the brain? There is no orderly response yet, but it is a good case which can be made for dietary deficiency. Schoolchildren, in general, are more supportive when additional milk intakes are given. Milk protein is an particularly rich foundation of glutamic acid. The increased mental alertness of milk-fed students could be placed not in the milk itself, but at their generous dose of glutamic acid.

Other prominent sources for this brain food are wheat flour, egg white, and corn protein. Glutamic acid is not yet bought like aspirin. You can ensure a good intake with these foods, which are also high in other nutritional values. How much milk would you have to drink to get a dose of glutamic acid equal to the supplements that boosted ten IQ points or less in the cases noted above? Three to four pints would be enough. Too much liquid for the average person, but a couple of poached eggs on toast, topped off with a glass of milk, would be a good start for a day.

Very interesting intelligence tablets

We have been talking as if the brain were the same as the mind or intelligence. Maybe it is. However, no one has been able to put a ring of an intelligence center in the body and say, “That’s all.” If you wear a small size of your hat, do not be depressed, or proud if you wear a large one. The size of your brain, within normal limits, there is an index of genius. Two brains of relatively large size will illustrate this. One belonged to Napoleon, the other to an idiot.

One of the secrets of intelligence, according to the latest neurological research, says that it lies not in the brain itself, but in the covers (meninges) that enclose it inside the skull. Here are the vessels that supply blood to the brain. Significantly, these blood vessels are large and numerous in the brain membranes that cover everything of the genius mind.

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