With these recommendations you will forget about hedonistic appetite

The specialists give us a recommendation to avoid hedonistic appetite and these are

It has been proven that certain foods produce effects on our nervous system that cause us to release dopamine, which increases our sense of pleasure, therefore we want to eat more, which is why it is called eating for pleasure or what is now known as hedonistic appetite. We cannot avoid eating certain things not for lack of will but rather because it is a physiological inconvenience.

How to combat this?

The specialists give us a recommendation to avoid hedonistic appetite and these are:

  1. Always carry a small portion of a healthy foodstuff such as fruit, a cereal bar or dry fruits that are great to eat so that the instant you have an appetite we can avoid eating anything.
  2. It is very important to eat breakfast every day, since a well-balanced breakfast is ideal so that we are not tempted to eat anything on the street. In addition, breakfast is essential in a healthy diet.
  3. Always plan what you will eat so that you can see if your meals are balanced and you will not improvise by buying things that aren’t healthy for your body.
  4. When shopping for your home that is always full this way you will avoid the temptation to buy food that is high in calories but low in nutrients.
  5. Always eat at the table this way you will be aware of what you eat and see if it really does you good and this way for the next time you will eat something healthier.
  6. Eat without distraction because in this way you will know what your point of satiety is and you will no longer eat beyond your limit.
  7. Always eat foodstuffs that can satisfy you quickly, such as apples, kiwi, grapefruit, turkey, steaks, seafood, etc.
  8. Always wait a few minutes between each dish as this way you will be able to get to eat less because the feeling of satiety takes time to reach our consciousness. If you take a few minutes between meals, you may eat less because of the fact that you will be full.
  9. Sleeps for seven to eight hours. Sleeping less time or having irregular sleep cycles promote obesity and diabetes.
  10. Drink two liters of water a day this way you will feel full. In addition, water is diuretic and helps to lose weight by suppressing liquid.

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